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Float Login

EZGenerator Float Login FeatureLogin windows are never exciting, but they are also a pain when your visitors can’t find them on the page or they hog space.

EZGenerator 4 allows a ‘Float login bar’ placed at the top or to the left of the template. It remains hidden when you browse pages but appears when the visitor presses the small login button. This draws attention to the login form and also keeps your precious screen real-estate free for more content.


There is also an option (left_zero) that let's you add information in an editable area for the Float login.

How to add floating login form in project:
* Go to Project Template.
* Choose style from the Float Login drop down box
* Press the Apply button (icon) to the right and it will be added to template.


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Ezgen 4 Features - FormsForms are those interactive data-gathering pages you find on many websites, including ‘Contact Request’, ‘Login’, ‘Newsletter registration’ and ‘Tell a Friend’ forms.


In EZGenerator forums can be placed on any page in the edit area and will help you to reach out to your visitors and to gather information from them to deliver the content and information they require.

Click on the series of screen shots below to see the process of adding a ‘Login’ form in the edit area of a template.


Forms Screen 3 Forms Screen 4

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