How to change editable image (banner) size

Each editable image is built by 2 or 3 files - banner.jpg (the actual banner image), (opacity mask file) and banner.src (which is renamed banner.jpg and contains background without image). If banner.src is not present main banner.jpg is used as background. The mask file is grayscale .gif, which means grayscale from 0 to 255. Black (0) means full opacity, white (255) stays for no opacity.

All 3 files have same width and height.


You will need to edit banner.jpg in order to change the editable image size:

  • Go to c:\Program Files\EZGenerator\Data\[project]\template\images folder
  • Edit file banner.jpg
  • In case the editable image contains sitename, you will also have to edit two parameters inside site.ini file in c:Program Files/EZGenerator/webtemplates/__shared folder. Open the file, find section [COMPANYTITLEIMAGE] and edit IMAGEWIDTH and IMAGEHEIGHT parameters, which define postion of text upon the image.

We use banner.jpg name here, but it is just an example name. You can have cti_0.jpg, cti_1.jpg or other name.


For some templates you have to also edit few styles in Template Editor, CSS tab - #topbanner, #banner and #search.

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