Adding sticky content to your page

To add sticky effect to a givent area of your Web Page, please follow these simple steps:

1. Update your EZGenerator to

2. Make some container (table or div) consists of two columns

3. Put the long content in the first column

4. Put  your sticky content (usually in div tag) in the second column

5. Double-click to open the properties, in settings-> effects-> enable "sticky" option



What sticky is. See the example, scroll the page down and pay attention on the right side column.


some example:



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Blog (MySQL version) Related posts

New sidebar macro : % BLOG_RELATED%  is available since version

A little explanation how this macros works:

Relation between posts is defined with post keywords (you can add comma separated keywords for each post in blog)

This macro collect all keywords defined for all posts currently displayed on page and search database for all other (not displayed) posts with same keywords = related posts



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Blog comments deletion rules

Since v. there are some updates on the comments deletion in the blog/podcast.

Here are the rules about who and how can delete comments:


  1. Only comments with no replies (last level comments) can be deleted;
  2. Admin(s) and users with "Edit" access can delete all comments (when rule #1 is met);
  3. Regular (registered) users with "view" access can delete only own comments (when rule #1 is met);
  4. Users with "Edit own posts" access can delete own posts comments by rule #2 and others' posts comments by rule #3 (when rule #1 is met);
  5. Guests cannot delete comments;

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Can I download all (new) templates at once?

No it isn't possible to download all templates at once.

There is no need to download all templates.
You only have to download the templates you actually use.

If all our customers would download the complete 1 Giga byte batch of templates at once, our download server will turn unusable.

It is only possible to download one template at a time, choose a template style before you start downloading.
Please check the web templates gallery page to see previews of all our templates.

Click the preview window to get a full screen popup of an example website rendered in the chosen template and style.

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Can I install and run EZGenerator on a computer without internet?

Yes, this is possible to install, register and use EZGenerator on an offline computer.
EZGenerator installation and registration is only still possible for customers who purchased the program before October 2015. No new program registrations are sold for EZGenerator.

If you don't have an internet connection please use this procedure to download and register EZGenerator :

1. Sign in to your 'my account' page on any internet connected computer.
2. Download the EZGenerator installer file and the flregkey.reg unlocking key file from the link you received on your 'my licenses' page.
3. Write both files on a CD-ROM/memory stick and install the program on the offline pc.
4. Run the key file to unlock your EZGenerator 4 program.

For the web templates:

1. Install and register EZGenerator on an internet connected computer.
2. Fully download the templates and styles you like to use.
3. Write the ...EZGeneratorwebtemplates directory to a CD-ROM/memory stick
4. On your offline computer, overwrite the installed ...EZGeneratorwebtemplates with the CD-ROM/memory stick saved files.

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