Can I recover my project using my uploaded web site?

The EZGenerator web project isn't the same as your online web site.
The web project contains more information than the online pages.

EZGenerator includes multiple backup options.
Please first check if one of these options backup files are still available to recover your web project.

EZGenerator can not download your online web site and turn it back into an EZGenerator web project.

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Can I sell a website I made with EZGenerator?

Yes, you can without a problem sell websites you make in EZGenerator to your customers.

You can not give a copy of the EZGenerator software installation to your customer, in that case you need to order an additional EZGenerator license on your customers name.

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Can I unlock the EZGenerator trial to a full program by registering it?

Yes, you can unlock the EZGenerator 4 demo program.

Try out our EZGenerator 4 software by installing the demo program.
Start creating your web site.

When you bought an EZGenerator license, you have the program available in your 'my account' page on

To unlock the demo program to the full version, enter your 'my account' sign in e-mail address and password into the EZGenerator about window. For details, check this step by step procedure

Web site projects you started in the EZGenerator 4 demo stay available in the registered full software.

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Can I use different templates in 1 website? For each language an other template?

The easiest way to create this effect is to:

Make different projects for each website.
Each project can have an other template.

In the index page of one project, change the link EZGenerator adds by default into a hand made link to the path of the different websites.

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Can I use EZGenerator on my home pc and laptop? Do I need 2 licenses?

You can install/use EZGenerator yourself on multiple computers, as long as you only use the programs one at a time. Just make sure nobody else uses your registration code (we check users/IP).

When we see that your registration is used on a lot of computers, simultaniously, geographically spread, we will start asking questions. But when you use it on your own computers, this won't be any problem at all.

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