Coupons are items, that shop administrators can create and provide to customers (for some reasons). Using this item, the customer receives discount for the current order. Cuponst are NOT assigned to products or the cart. They can be used on any cart that matches the requirements, the coupon has. Consider them as extra item, added to the shopping cart that reduces the total price.


To use the coupons in Your shop, You have to do follow these two steps:


  1.  Add the coupon macro on the cart page of the shop;

  1.  Define the coupons that will be used in the shop online administration


Information about the fields in the coupon settings page:

ID - something like a label or name. You define the coupon and this is what users fill out when they have it. 
Order Minimum - The minimum amount the order has to be. If order amount is below this number, coupon cannot be used.
Order Limit - How many times you can use this coupon (0 means no limit)
Order Count - How many times coupon is used. It can be edited (if problem occurs or something else). 

(Note: Order count field may not be there)
Valid From - To - (the start/end the coupon can be used).

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Create forum-like blog

Quick tutorial about how to make your EZG blog into a pretty good forum.



Few notices


  • Although it's not clear at the beginning of the video, every time new View is added. 
  • My layouts were in other language at first, so in the video you will notice few text changes, but in the uploaded files all should be English-labeled.
  • If you add category and subcategories, and then add posts to subcategories only, it won't let you click the main category on the front page. You must have at least one post in the main category too.
  • The "write psot +" button allows you to write to a different category, but it will pre-select the current one automatically.
  • The styles and the layour are very basic and definitely not for production. I highly recommend altering all the views and the frontpage to something that will fit your site.
  • In the fron page template css (vertical TEMPLATE button -> bottom (css) tab) there is a bit of a code that handles the front-page categories listing. Use/alter/remove this to make your categories list looks appropriate.


I used presets here, but you can instead use these: Forum modules archive

Unzip the archive into a new folder. There are 4 modules inside the archive:

  • frontpage
  • post
  • cat(egory)
  • search

Each of the modules has 3 files. For the impot you need the "rfv" files.

Just right-click -> Extra -> Import and select the proper file.

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CSS3 Gradients

!available since version


with CSS3 gradients you can define background gradients for any css based element in ezgenerator

CSS3 gradients are supported by all modern browsers (including  IE10), for IE6-IE9, only simple 2 steps horizontal and vertical gradients are supported




to use CSS3 gradients,

- select gradient type (vertical, horizontal, diagonal or radial) in BACKGROUND section of css properties  (1)

- by default, gradient use 2 stops (2) (0% and 100%), but with right click on gradient bar you can also work with 4 stops gradients

- select one of the stops (2) and move it with mouse to desired position, selected stop have Red color arrow

- you can change color (including opacity) for selected stop with color selector (3)

- you can see instant preview (4) of  gradient in most dialogs, but as ezgenerator use IE for internal previews, you will have to update your internet explorer to version IE10 to see all types of gradients correctly inside ezgenerator

Internet Explorer 10 is default browser on Windows 8, but is also available for Windows 7 from here

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Customization of counter statistics charts color

You can customize these colors through Template Editor dialog, the CSS tab.
Add 2 lines:




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Customization of site search result page layout

Site search returns results in certain format - list of results, each with title set as link to the corresponding page in the site, content excerpt, date and url.


If you want to customize this default layout:

  • add normal page in EZGenerator
  • in the Treeview, right click on page and select "Use page as search template"

  • open Page Settings panel and check Hide in Menu, uncheck Hide in sitemap
  • open Macros Field panel and drag-and-drop the macros you need


Example (Notice : you can also load example layout via right-click --> load page template -> search template)



%SEARCH_OBJECT(%counter% %title%


%date[dddd, mmmm d, yyyy]%

% category%




%HEADER% will parse --> Results: searchstring

%NAVIGATION% will parse --> 1 2 3                    1 of 18 pages navigation

%SEARCH_OBJECT will parse short data for each page in result

%counter% --> number of page results

%title% --> page title of result

%date% --> last modification date of result page

% category% --> in case of blog, photoblog, podcast this parameter will parse post category; in case of other page - will pars ethe menu category

%url% --> url of the result page  --> this is url macro, to use it select any text or macro, make it hyperlink and use %url% as url for this hyperlink

%GENERATEDTIME% will parse --> Page generated in xxx seconds


If you have enabled Advanced search, you can also insert %ADVANCED_SEARCH_LINK% or %ADVANCED_SEARCH% macros.

The first one will build link to advanced search screen, the second one will directly insert advanced search form in the page.

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