Customizing blog/podcast sidebar macro objects

Following parameters can be used in all Blog/Podcast sidebar macros



% date%  % DATE[date parameters]% % free_field%  % excerpt% % title% % category% % image% % image[width,height]%  % item_url%
in podcast also %subtitle% miro are supported


in BLOG_FULLLIST() there is also additional macro:  % content%

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Customizing Template search box

to change css layout of search box:

go to 'project template' tab --> 'template editor' --> 'css' and append this as new line (you can change it with css controls to fit your needs)


#search_box{background: #a6a6a6;border: 1px solid #9b9b9b; color: #ffffff;height:22px; padding: 0 7px;border-radius: 2px;margin:8px 32px 8px 8px;}


to customize search button: 


#search_button{background: #1b1b1b;border: 1px solid #545454;color: #ffffff;position: absolute;right: 7px;top: 8px;width: 24px;height: 24px;border-radius: 2px;}


search area (div) can be also customized :


#search{background:#d8d8d8;border:1px solid #cacaca;border-radius: 10px;}


you can also use images as background...


to make search button invisible:




to remove label from search button (in case you use background image), go to language setting tab --> interface labels --> search labels and change label for 'search'



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Different administration template

To make online administration looks not like the normal pages (add / remove / edit some elements on the default template), there is pretty simple trick that can be used:

  1. Inside EzGenerator add new page
  2. Name of the page must be: template_source
  3. Folder that contains this page should be: documents (or -root- if some issues with the links appear)
  4. Edit this page layout the way you want (use macros or per page template tab)
  5. upload this new page


Once uploaded, the project will automatically detect it and start using it.

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Do I need to have any previous updates installed to be able to use online update?

EZGenerator online updates are downloaded automatically at startup of your EZGenerator program.
The downloaded update is only executed as soon as you close and restart the EZGenerator program.

The online update will automatically change your EZGenerator program to the latest version, regardless of your current EZGenerator programs version number. The online update detects all outdated EZGenerator files and replaces them with the latest EZGenerator program version files.

Your webproject directories are never touched by the online update.

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Do you have printable documentation?

No, but we do have very detailed online information available:

  • The detailed EZGenerator help file.
    F1 in the program or available online on the EZGenerator web site.
    This help is printable, but it will be difficult to find something in its printed version.

  • This EZGenerator how to blog
    for often asked questions on how to use specific EZGenerator features.

  • The EZGenerator user forum
    If none of the above sources give you an answer.
    Our technicians will answer your questions posted on the forum.

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