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CSS3 Gradients

!available since version


with CSS3 gradients you can define background gradients for any css based element in ezgenerator

CSS3 gradients are supported by all modern browsers (including  IE10), for IE6-IE9, only simple 2 steps horizontal and vertical gradients are supported




to use CSS3 gradients,

- select gradient type (vertical, horizontal, diagonal or radial) in BACKGROUND section of css properties  (1)

- by default, gradient use 2 stops (2) (0% and 100%), but with right click on gradient bar you can also work with 4 stops gradients

- select one of the stops (2) and move it with mouse to desired position, selected stop have Red color arrow

- you can change color (including opacity) for selected stop with color selector (3)

- you can see instant preview (4) of  gradient in most dialogs, but as ezgenerator use IE for internal previews, you will have to update your internet explorer to version IE10 to see all types of gradients correctly inside ezgenerator

Internet Explorer 10 is default browser on Windows 8, but is also available for Windows 7 from here

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Make borders rounded

If you like given template, but don't like the square borders - don't worry! You can fix this.


First of all - it depends on the template you're using. Most of them are using images for this.


If there are no images for the borders, do following:

 1. Open Template Editor

 2. Open CSS tab.

 3. Find and change the two properties: box-radius and box-shadow


For more info, check


Note: These two CSS properties are not new, but they are only supported by IE9 and up (and of course by all other browsers).
Most of the templates are made before IE9 was available, so they were made with images, not with background colors.
That's why in many templates You will have to first replace images with colors to make this work and, of course, it will never work for IE8, IE7 IE6 users. They will see square borders instead.

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