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1-year Subscriptions and EZGenerator Updates / Templates Access

EZGenerator is no longer sold (since October 2015).
From October 2016 on, existing registered customers keep having access to their EZGenerator registration and templates for free.
Sign in to www.image-line.com to find EZGenerator information under the 'my licenses' section.

If you are an existing customer the following applies to updating EZGenerator and on-line template access.


EZGenerator 2 to 4
- You can update from 2 to 4 for FREE. First update from 2 to 3, then to 4.

EZGenerator 3 to EZGenerator 4 - You can update from 3 to 4 for FREE.

Once updated you will have access to further free updates ONLY if you have purchased EZGenerator 3 or 4 within the last 12 months. You will then have access to your remaining balance of free updates and template access to 1 year from the date of purchase. To purchase 1-year updates, log into your MY ACCOUNT and click here.


You have access to 1 year of free program updates and on-line template download for 12 months after purchase of EZGenerator OR renewal of updates.

If your 1-year updates expires, EZGenerator 4 will continue to function as follows:

YOU CAN still make websites and create your own templates AND use update/download templates.

YOU CAN renew your 1-year access at any time and get another year of program updates & templates.

YOU CAN'T  receive program updates.


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Adding custom shipping list rates (like pickup, delivery services such as DHL, FedEx and so.on)

Many times shipping rates is based on different delivery services like DHL, FedEx which don't have same tax.
With this tutorial you can add shipping list with post services in checkout page.
When users change list of this shipping rates, %shipping% macro is changed too based on assigned value.


  1. Go to EZG and click on checkout shop page. In add 'List field' macro with name `shipping_list` with size 1.
  2. Double click on added 'List field' and create your values and text. Add shipping_list Id to the field.
  3. Go to online shop admin  settings panel and click on shipping tab. Change shipping type to `based on custom sipping list`. Assign custom shipping rates with values (amount).
    Notice: Add same values as you did in shipping list macro.

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Fixing Javascript

On some pc's registry settings for Javascript on local page becomes corrupted.

If Javascript for local pages is disabled, some EzGenerator features doesn't work anymore:


If you experience problems with one of the following :


- New Project Dialog

- Edit mode displays very small editor and you are unable to edit pages

- in V4, templates dialog, you are not able to select template variations



check following registry keys in registry editor:

HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionInternet SettingsZones


HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionInternet SettingsZones


(to open registry editor, click on windows start button and type : regedit  in search box)




normally , you should only see keys 0 1 2 3 4  there (see image), if you see extra entry, delete it, close regedit, and restart ezg and IE (if open)




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Form widget, Adding HTML/ Script in reply

After Request Form (Widget) is submitted, submit message is displayed to user.

This submit message (you can set it widget settings) can be simple text but can also be formatted as html (or javascript).


if you need to include scripts in message, there are some limts :

You can put simple scripts inside submit message:
< script>alert('alert');</ script>

will work, notice, all code is on single line, single quotes are used

if you need something more complex, make it javascript function,

put it inside page scripts and call this function from submit message:
< script>runMyFunction();</ script>

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How to add shipping type based on total weight of products.

Shipping type based on total weight of products is great if in your shop there are heavy items which need extra charge.


To enable this future have to:


1. Create custom data field named: shippingweight with Field type: number in EZG shop settings. If you have troubles of adding extra field just read this article:

"How to add and use shop custom fields"

2. After created shippingweight upload and update db

3. Now go to your products and fill some values for shippingweightThis value is number so you don't have to add unit (like kilogram, pounds and etc.)

4. Need to set some shipping settings: change SHIPPING TYPE to 'based on total weight' and add some SHIPPING OPTIONS in online shop settings panel.


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