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Multi-user page content

Have You ever needed a place, where every site user has it's own content, and You don't need to make hundreds of pages to achieve that?
In that case all You need is an Online Editable Page. Something pretty familiar if You've used the program for enought time. But how to make users able to use it for their own purposes?

Here is the preparation process:

  1. Add an Online Editable Page
  2. In Online Editable Page Settings (tab) check "User-Dependent Content". 
  3. If you wish, You can check the other two options as well.
  4. Add from macros EDITABLE AREA. It's the key (and main page tool) for entire idea to work.
  5. You can use the macros to put some extra info, like the USERS macro that will allow all user pages to be accessible.
  6. Again optional - you can protect the page so users see only their own page and content (in this case the USERS macro won't work).
  7. Once the Online Editable Page is prepared, go online and log in as Admin. 
  8. Give the users you want to be able to edit their own pages "Edit" access to this page
  9. Enjoy (maybe better test before that to be sure You indeed will enjoy).


 Some extra info about the admin:

  • As admin you can edit other users editable areas. Just log in to the page and select the user. Page content will change to selected user's one.
  • Default (all users) option will change to all users, that haven't changed their content to something else, but use the common one. For the other users changes has to be done per user.

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Users Groups in EZG

Since some time users can be grouped so same access is set/edited for all users in a group at the same time.


Important: This works only if MySQL is enabled: MySQL support

To add new group:


  1. Go to online Administration and login (if not logged).
  2. Go to "Manage groups" tab in the Administration menu.
  3. Click "Add group" button.
  4. Give the group unique title and some access. Optionally you can give the group some description (for extra info in the groups list) and redirect URL (this fied is used when you want users from that group to be redirected to certain location after log in).
  5. Submit the new group.


To edit / delete a group:


  1. Go to online Administration and login (if not logged).
  2. Go to "Manage groups" tab in the Administration menu.
  3. Hover the desired group and additional actions will appear. Select the one you need.


To move users to a group:


  1. Go to online Administration and login (if not logged).
  2. Go to "Manage users" tab in the Administration menu.
  3. Select the users you want to move to a given group (use the checkboxes next to each user).
  4. At the bottom of the list "Move selected to" dropdown must be used. Select the desired group you want selected users to be moved to.
  5. Save the changes.

Note: Moving users to a group automatically changes its rights to the ones the group has. You can also move users from one group to another directly (without removing them from the first group). Once user is in a group, personal access right cannot be set to this user anymore. They can be set once user is not in any group.


Note2If given group is removed, all the users form this group are automatically left without a group, but the group access is still acrive for them. So additional actions may be required in such case!


DO NOT USE groups together with protected areas. This is not intended and won't work in any case. 

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Users Import


This works only if server has PHP version 5.3 or higher.


To import users into your current database, follow these steps:

  1. Login as Admin on the site, and navigate to Users management section.
  2. Click the Import button.
  3. Select the .csv file and click Upload
  4. Page will show info about the file and the first 20 lines (or part of them if they're too long).  Use this information to:
    • select proper text delimiter (char that encloses the values)
    • select proper field delimiter ( char that separates enclosed values. It will be selected automatically based on delimiter in csv file.)
    • if first row contains field names, check the box to indicate this.
  5. Assign proper field to each of the current site fields (some of them may already been auto-selected for you, but make sure selection is proper). If "FIRST ROW CONTAINS FIELD NAMES" is checked and first row in csv file represent exact names of those site fields then matched fields will be Assigned automatically. If first row of the csv file doesn't content names of the fields you can manually assigned each of them with proper site fields.
    • Notice: If you have some coded passwords, most probably they won't be usable in EZG.
  6. Select access that will apply to all imported users.
  7. Import.

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