This manual contains information on all EZGenerator functions. Each section contains an overview, which typically includes a list of links to the pages in the section.

Using the Contents Tab

The Contents tab lists the main sections of the EZGenerator Reference Manual as book icons.

Double-click a book to expand it and see a list of pages available in that section.

To display a page, left-click its title or icon in the Contents list.

Using the Search Tab

This reference manual contains a full-text search engine available in the Search tab.

You can use the search engine to find pages containing any word or phrase. Simply enter the word or phrase of interest and click the List Topics button. All pages containing your entry will be listed. Double-click a page name from the list to display it.

You can use the following Boolean operators to narrow your search: AND, OR, NOT, and NEAR.

To search for an exact phrase, enclose it in quotes ("").

Special Messages and Icons


The shortcuts for the various commands are included after their name (if applicable), for ex.: Settings CTRL+S

Messages with this icon contain important information about the correct functioning of EZGenerator or might give you a solution for certain problems.
Messages with this icon contain extra background information on the topic described in the page.