EZGenerator is a website development tool designed to create complete websites, site menus, header images, cool buttons, user forms, slideshows, site media/content and then publishing it on the internet. All this from a single program, without any knowledge of coding languages such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript or PHP (although experts are still free to write custom code). If you can use a word processor, you can make a complete website with EZGenerator!

Main Features:

  • Project Wizard - Create professional looking websites within minutes. Add pages and format page content while EZGenerator automatically builds the navigation menus.
  • Templates - Each project is based on a design template. The template gives your site its "look and feel", controls formatting and the design of the website (buttons, decorative frames and page header graphics). You can change the template at any time without destroying your work. EZGenerator gives you access to over 3000 free web-templates.
  • Content - EZGenerator enables you to focus on content rather than coding. Add and format text, add tables, section dividers, bullet points & numbers, buttons, pictures, e.t.c,. It's based on point and click, WYSIWYG editing.
  • Image Slideshows - Convert almost any image format to a web-compatible picture/slideshow and apply a wide range of special effects with the integrated Image Edit Wizard.
  • Blog, Photoblog and Podcast - Publish articles, images and media content online through administration panel.
  • Calendar - Special page to announce events (uses PHP).
  • Shop - Doing business is easy with an e-commerce web page (uses PHP).
  • MySQL database - Drives all special PHP pages, Calendar, Blog, Podcast, Shop, e.t.c.
  • Newsletter Management - With automated subscription forms and online newsletter management.
  • Media Players - Serve MP3, MP4, SWF or FLV format files (video & audio).
  • FTP Upload - EZGenerator has built-in FTP connectivity to upload your site.
  • Multi-Project Support - Create as many website projects as you need. Select differente design templates for each project.
  • User-Managment - For web-forums and many special pages EZGenerator has a registration system allowing users to configure personal options.
  • Site Search - The integrated site search function will help visitors to find what they are looking for.
  • Counter - EZGenerator COUNTER will help you track visitor numbers.
  • Online Administration (Back-Office) - Each project contains an Online Administration panel, where you can manage users, check site statistics, access all protected and online editable pages.
  • Google Features - We incorporate Google features such as Google Adsense Google Maps in EZGenerator's websites.
  • RSS - EZGenerator makes it easy to add RSS information to your site with its integrated RSS Reader.