Here is a short outline of the main steps involved in creating web project with EZGenerator:

1. Create new project

  • Create your project (website) using the New Project Wizard, accessed through the Main Menu. The Project Wizard will guide you through the setup of the basic site structure and will leave you on the Home page of your new website ready to add content and more pages if required. EZGenerator automatically builds your site navigation menu(s) from the structure of the site and pages.

2. Configure Project

  • Select Template and customize template options on Project Template tab
  • Use the Project Settings to apply settings to the whole project.
    In general, make sure you have filled Project URL, Upload Settings, Online Administration login account, and MySQL settings.
  • Make sure to set the Headline (Site Name) in Language Settings.
    This is the name that shows on the top banner of your site.

3. Add web pages and content

  • Use the Explorer Panel to navigate between pages.
  • Right-click in Explorer panel and select Add page to add more pages in the project.
  • Several page types that serve different purpose are available. Some of them are simple HTML pages with static content, while others are dynamic (PHP) pages, such as Blog, Calendar, etc. For a detailed description of the page types, check Insert Page.
  • Within each page you can insert content such as text, images, links, buttons, tables, flash and media. Formatting content in EZGenerator is as easy as formatting a Word document, using the tools in the Editing Tools.

4. Configure Page Settings

  • Each page has its own Page Settings.
  • In some cases you may need to change some of the default settings, such as Page Title, Page Header or Description. So, make sure to check this panel.

5. Test and Publish

  • The static pages can be tested offline, using the Preview option (F10).
  • PHP driven pages (blogs, e-commerce, newsletters etc) can't be tested with the Preview option and must be uploaded to a PHP/MySQL enabled server.
  • To publish your site press the Publish button at the top.
  • If you don't have domain name and server space yet, you can install private test server on your PC. For more information on the topic, check How to install server on my PC.