EZGenerator interface consists of main menu and three working areas - Toolbar, Explorer Panel, Main Screen.


The Toolbarcontains a set of commands to add and format page content (text, images, media, flash, widgets, etc) and also to add new pages.

Main Screen

The Main Screenis the place where you edit web pages, using the tools from the Toolbar.

For more details, check Main Screen.

At the right side of the main screen there is small Navigation Bar to switch between Edit, Browse, Admin and HTML modes.

In Edit mode you edit pages and format content. In Browse mode you see how your page will actually look like. The Admin mode is only available for the special pages (as Blog, Calendar, Shop, etc). With this mode you can access the page admin panel online.

Explorer Panel

The Explorerpanel shows your site structure, also known as tree view - an outline of the pages in the website. When you want to edit certain page, you select it here. The page will show in the Main screen, ready for modifications.

For more details, check Explorer Panel.

Application Menu

The Main Menucontains few general commands, such as Manage projects, New project, etc.

For more details, check Main Manu.