editing tools

Clipboard (far left icons)

  • Cut - Moves all selected contents to the clipboard.
  • Copy - Copies all selected contents to the clipboard.
  • Paste - Pastes the clipboard contents at the cursor position.

Text Format

This section contains commands for text formatting. For more information on the topic check Text Format .



Opens Insert Hyperlinks dialog, where you define links to insert.

Opens Bookmarks dialog, where you define bookmarks.

Tables and Layouts

To better organize content on a page into sections use Tables, DIVs, Horizontal and Vertical Tabs, Slidebars and Vertical Lists. Note: DIVs, Horizontal and Vertical Tabs, Slidebars and Vertical Lists are are more flexible and give you more power over layout in comparison with tables. For example, with DIV you can separately format the left, top, right and left borders.

To insert table or layout:
  1. Position the text cursor | where you want to insert a formatting mode.
  2. Click the corresponding button on the Toolbar.
  3. In the windows that appears, click to set the number of rows and columns you want in the container. When ready press the left mouse button.

Note: The container matrix contains 5x5 cells (for tables), 5 rows or columns (for div and tabs). To expand it, press and hold the left mouse button and drag until you select the desired number of rows and columns (see the image on the left) is reached. You can also add additional rows and columns later.


Inserts a Table. For more information, check Tables. To create Scrolling Table, press SHIFT when inserting table.

Inserts a Div (divider). For more information, check Div.

Inserts Horizontal Tabs. For more information, check Horizontal Tabs.

Inserts Vertical Tabs. For more information, check Vertical Tabs.

Inserts a Vertical List. For more information, check Vertical List.

Inserts a Slidebar. For more information, check Slidebars.

Inserts a Block (decorated table). For more information, check Blocks.

Page Content

Opens picture submenu. You can choose here to insert standalone image or image with thumbnail and popup. Insert Picture Dialog will open and will guide you in inserting the images.

Opens a slideshow submenu. When you select one of the options here Insert Slideshow Dialog will open.

Opens the Widgets submenu.

Opens the button submenu with options to insert Template style Button or create your own button style with Button Factory. For more information see Buttons.

Opens the Macros Fields panel. Each page has such panel - a quick and easy way to add Macros and special objects to your page by drag-and-drop. Some fields are common for all pages, while other are specific for each page type. For pages with MySQL database (as Shop, Blog, etc) there are some extra database fields, colored in black.

Most of the fields have a set of initializing properties, displayed at the bottom of the panel. You have to set those properties before you drag-and-drop the field on the page. For more information, see Macros Fields Panel.

With this option you can insert pure HTML or other code anywhere in your page. If you want to insert any of the predefined html code as Google Search, Current date or other, simply select it from the submenu that will open. If you want to insert your own custom code, select the last option - HTML and check Insert HTML for more information.

Insert Page

Add new pages. Page types come into two groups - Blank and Live (php). For more information on the topic check Insert Page.