project template


The Project Template tab allows you to select and customize the template. Simply switch to another template at any time while working on your project to change the design style without any additional work. You can browse the full set of available web templates at EZGenerator website.

This Project Template is divided into few sections. Some of them have an orange drop-down menu button () at the bottom right corner. Click these to access more settings.


Shows a preview of current template and a Select Template button. If you click on either to open the Web Template window so you can browse and change templates.

  • Filter (drop-down menu box) - Filter templates by certain criteria. For example, if you want to browse only templates with horizontal categories and menu's, select Templates with horizontal categories and menu's.
  • Template (drop-down menubox)- Lists available templates (or subset if a filter is applied). Click the arrow buttons to switch to the next or previous template.

    Note, that not all templates are fully downloaded in your EZGenerator installation, many only have preview icons. Templates will be downloaded after you select Download. For installed templates you will see OK button on the right, for online templates - Download, along with the message This template style is not installed on your PC at the bottom.

  • Template Preview (preview area) - Shows image for the selected template with thumbnails of available styles. Each template has one or more styles, each of them having different color theme or editable images.
  • My Favorites (preview area) - Add your favorite templates. Simply drag-and-drop thumbnail from the Preview area.
  • Reset Template (button)- Press this button if you want to reset template default settings. This will remove all template customizations you have applied to current template.

    When you select a template press the OK button to apply it to your project.

Menu Settings

  • Menu Type (listbox) - This option was removed in version
  • Collapsible Menus (checkbox) - Sets menus to collapsible mode - so you will need to click menus to expand and access pages. If the option is not checked, all menus are visible at the same time. This option is available only for templates with vertical categories and menus.
  • Animated (checkbox) - Set animation effects for menus. This option is available only for templates with drop-down menus.
  • Show First Page (checkbox) - If checked, will include first page link in the menu.

Submenu Settings

  • Position (listbox) - Set the submenu position. Options are include Left, Right,Top, Bottom and Inside Menus (will place sub menus in menu bar as third-level menu, if possible).
  • Alignment (listbox) - Set the horizontal alignment of the menu (if the menu is placed on Top or Bottom). Options include Left, Center,Right.
  • Collapsible (check box) - Set sub menus in collapsible mode - sub menus will be visible only when the parent page is selected.
  • Show First Page (checkbox) - If checked, will include first sub page link in the submenu.

Page Headers

  • Page Headers Type (drop-down menubox) - Sets page headers type - text, image or disabled (none).

Edit Template

This tab provides you with options to customize template elements. All templates are customizable to some extent.

  • Template Editor (button)- Opens the Template Editor where you can modify template elements. If you click on the small arrow at the bottom of the button, a menu with editable elements will open. Select the element you want to edit.

    For more info see Template Editor.
  • Editable Images (button) - Opens the Editable Images dialog where you can edit template banner images. Check Editable Images.

The option to edit template elements can also be found in the context menu when you right-click in template area in the main screen.


Edit headlines, editable images, menu/page header font, and template button styles.


Image Settings

Slideshow Settings

These settings affect all slideshows on your website:

  • Use Transition Effect (check box) - Enables the transition effect in all slideshows (supported in Internet Explorer only).
  • Slideshows Speed (edit box) - Sets the slideshow speed in milliseconds.
  • Slideshow Caption Font - Lets you customize the slideshow caption formatting - font, font size, color, alignment.
  • Use Mouse over effect for slideshows Type II (check box) - Enables change of image when moving mouse over thumbnail. By default, change of image is enabled by clicking on thumbnail.

Multibox Preset

These settings affect all multibox slideshows on your website:

  • Multibox Prest (drop-down menu) - Sets color schema for the Multibox slideshow type.
  • Zoom Icon Overlay (check box) - If checked, small zoom icon will be displayed in the top right corner of the image.
  • Fade On Hoover (checkbox) - Fade multibox images on mouse hover.


  • HTML Output (combo box) - Select from HTML4/XHTML/HTML5. Html output will be applied to all pages.
  • Image Dimension (checkbox) - If checked html code will explicitely define images dimensions (for all iimages). If unchecked, image dimensions are only included for scaled images.
  • Use Alt tag (check box) - Check this box to have text hints that appear when you move mouse over menu items.
  • Use Built-In Search (check box) - If checked, the website will use a built-in search. The search box is placed inside template.
  • Float Login (check box) - Enables a login form at the top of site.
  • Use Smooth Bookmark Scrolling (check box) - Enables smooth bookmark scrolling.
  • Inputs color validation (check box) - When checked, form fields are colored if form validation finds any error when submitted (this is applied to all forms on the site).


These settings affect search results page.

  • Result Highlight Color (color picker) - Sets the highlight color for the search results.
  • Alternative Row Colors (check box) - Sets alternative colors for the search results.
  • Display Processing Time (check box) - Includes processing time in the search results page.
  • Advanced Search (check box) - If checked, activates advanced search options (only available in MySQL project). For more information about what parameters you can use with Advanced search, check Advanced Search Parameters. For more information how to customize search result page, check Customize Search Result page.


These settings affect ranking bar that can be included in pages as Blog, Photoblog and Podcast.

  • Preset (drop-down menu) - Sets type of ranking bar - with numbers or with stars.
  • Direct (check box) - When checked, shows ranking results before visitor casts a vote.
  • Font Color (color picker) - Sets font color for the ranking bar.
  • Background Color (color picker) - Sets background color for the ranking bar.
  • Rating Area Color (color picker) - Sets color for the ranking area (the area with ranking numbers/stars).


These settings affect the captcha (verification code) that is used in forms. Captcha is a challenge-response test used to ensure that the text entry fields were filled in by a person rather than a computer program searching the net for spam victims. An image or word is shown and the user must enter information about what they have been shown (the captcha).

  • Size (drop-down menu) - Sets captcha size.
  • Format (drop-down menu) - Sets captcha image format.

Editor Background Color

These settings affect the online editor used for pages such as the Blog, Calendar, Shop, etc.

  • Background Color (color picker) - Sets background color for the online editor.