The application menu is accessible when you click on the orange EZGenerator icon at the top left corner of the screen, and contains the following options:


Manage Projects New Project Save Project As (Duplicate) Search Current Project Options On-line Update About
  • Manage Projects - Opens Manage Projects window where you switch between projects, delete existing projects, and also open project from an external folder.
  • New Project - Opens New Project Wizard that will guide you in creating new project.
  • Save Project As - Duplicates the current project.
  • Search Current Project - Opens Seach dialog that helps you search within project.
  • Options - Opens Options widnow, containing few settings that affect work of EZGenerator application.
  • On-line Update - Runs online update for EZGenerator. EZGenerator is constantly being updated and improved, so check routinely to ensure you have the latest version. New versions include the latest features and bug fixes. If Auto-Update option is enabled in Options, EZGenerator will update automatically each time you start it.
  • About EZGenerator