Use the Search dialog to search and list all web pages that match defined criteria.

Search For Text

Check this item and enter text in the edit box to the right. The search will be made across all fields and pages.

Search In Field

Check this item if you want to search in specific places and or with a restricted search criteria:

  • Search field type - In the first drop-down menu contains a list of search targets including pages, headers, links, text, etc.
  • Search expressions - The second drop-down menu contains search expressions that vary depending on the field type you have selected in the first drop-down menu. For example: for fields that contain text options are equal to; not equal to; contains; starts with; does not contain; does not start with. For fields with a numeric value: equal to; bigger than; smaller than; bigger or equal to; smaller or equal to; not equal to. The checkboxes have only two values (checked=YES, unchecked=NO), and the available choices for them are: is yes;is no.
  • In the third column type your search criteria (non-applicable for check boxes).
Note, that searching 'memo' fields can take more time than usual (especially if they contain a lot of text).

External Links

Check this box if you want to check the external links used in your pages, and also to see if links are still allive.

Performing Search

  • Search button - Performs search based on the specified criteria.
  • Cancel button - Closes the Search dialog.

Search Results

The Search results will be displayed in a list at the bottom of the Search dialog.