The Options window, contains options that affect overall EZGenerator program operation.

application settings

To open the Options window:
  1. Go to the Main Menu and select Options.


  • Select Project on Start (check box) - Display the 'Select Project' window on application start-up.
  • Enable Object Hints (check box) - Display object hints while in EDIT mode.
  • Auto-Update (check box) - EZGenerator will auto-update when you start the application.
  • Advanced Upload Log (check box) - Enable this only in case of upload problems and when asked by support.
  • Disable External links/Images in browse mode to save resources (check box) - When enabled, all external urls inside ezgenerator browse mode will be ignored.
  • Double click on table to open table properties (check box) - Enable this option to open table properties with mouse double click.
  • Default Backup Folder (edit box) - Sets default backup folder for all new projects. If you leave it empty, default backup folder will be used (ezgenerator/backup/). If you want to apply the change to all projects, press Apply to all projects button.
  • Default Projects Folder (edit box) - By default, all EzGenerator projects are saved inside [ezgenerator_installation_folder/data/]   folder. In this editbox you can set different folder to be used for projects.