The Right-click menu contains a set of commonly used commands and context-sensitive commands, dependent on what is right-clicked. Many of these commands are also accessible on the Toolbar.

To open the Editor Right-click menu:
  • Right-click in the current page.

Common Commands

  • Undo - Cancels the last change to the page layout/contents.
  • Redo - Reapplies the last change to the page layout/contents.
  • Restore Page from Back-Up - Restores the page from the last save. A page is saved each time you switch to another page or build the page.
  • Cut - Moves all selected contents to the clipboard.
  • Copy - Copies all selected content to the clipboard.
  • Paste - Pastes the clipboard contents at the cursor position. Any selected content is replaced by the clipboard contents.
  • Paste Unicode - Use this paste option when you paste content from Unicode source.
  • Paste As Text- Pastes the clipboard contents as text only.


  • Insert - Opens submenu with few options: HTML/Scripts to insert custom html or other code; Bookmark to insert bookmarks in page; Horizontal Rule to insert horizontal rule; Insert Lorem Ipsum to insert 'Lorem Ipsum' text (dummy text used by the printing, typesetting & web design industry). You will be prompted to enter the number of paragraphs to be generated.
  • Bullets - Insert one of the available template dependent bullets. These are not the standard list & bullets that you insert from the Editing Tools, but they are special images that can be used as bullets.
  • Special Characters- Insert special characters in your pages - Line Break, Non-breaking Space, Page Break (Printing), copyright (©), registered (®), trademark (™) , pound (£) , yen (¥), euro (€) ,plus/minus (±), cents (¢).


  • Text To Button - Converts a selected text to a button. If no text is selected, EZGenerator opens a popup window where you are prompted to type the name. For more information, see Buttons.
  • Button Factory - Creates a button and lets you select its design. For more information, see Buttons.


  • Page Layout - Options to switch to another layout (if available for current page) or save current page layout as a custom layout. You can use custom layouts later to create new pages in the Add Page window.
  • Search - Opens a submenu with two options. Search And Replace dialog allows you to search for a specific word or phrase inside the current web page and replace it with the new word. Search In This page allows you to search for a specific word or phrase inside the current web page.
  • Extra - Useful tools including Spelling, Thesaurus, Page Export, Page Import, Import Data Into HTML Table and Show System Characters. Spelling allows to check the selected text for syntax errors (see Spell Checker);

    Page Import imports a page in one of the following file formats: Rich View Format (*.rvf); Rich Text Format (*.rtf); Text or Unicode Text (*.txt); HTML (*.html); Word 6.0/97 (*.doc). Not all content can be imported in the page.

    Page Export exports the current page in one of the following file formats: Rich View Format (*.rvf); Rich Text Format (*.rtf); Text or Unicode Text(*.txt); HTML (*.html).

    Import Data Into HTML Table - Database Import dialog where you select a database to be used as a data source. Data is inserted at the cursor location formatted as a table.

    Show System Characters allows you to switch on/off the special character marker that tracks the text formatting.


  • Clear - Clear content left, right, before and after an element (Div for example).

Context Commands

If you access the more settings menu by right-clicking in a page, you will get few extra commands in this menu depending on where is the cursor placed (in what object).

Table/ Div/ Css List/ Tabbed Table

These commands are included only if the cursor is positioned inside a table, div or vertical list.

  • Table/ Div/ Vertical List/ Tabbed Table - Contains a set of commands for manipulating the table/ div/ css list/ tabbed table. For more information, see Tables/ Div/ Vertical List/ Tabbed Table.
  • Cell Properties - Opens the Cell Properties window (for the cell where the cursor is placed). For more information, see Tables.

Image & Buttons

  • Button Factory (only for image buttons) - This is a common command, but if a standard button is selected, this command will let you change existing button design and manipulate it with the button factory. For more information, see Buttons.
  • Button ToText (only for image buttons) - Converts an image button back to text. For more information, see Buttons.
  • Replace Image - Opens Insert Pictures Dialog where you can replace the image for the selected button.
  • Image Properties - Opens the properties window for the selected image/button, where you can change the button caption.

Flash Object & Flash Audio Player

  • Flash Properties - Opens the properties for the selected flash object. For more information, see Flash Object.