Blank Page is a basic page type that will generate empty page. Blank page is useful when you want to start from scratch and add certain content that is not covered by any of the predefined page types.

To add Blank page to your site:
  1. Go to the Editing Tools.
  2. Press Blank Page button in Insert page section.
  3. Set any other options you want and press OK.


This page does not have any special features.

Accessible Macros/Fields

This page cannot access any database fields. The following special objects are accessible for the Blank page:

  • No page footer - Disables footer on current page.
  • Site Search - Generates a site search box on the page (see Site Search).
  • Logged Info - Generates logged info macro in your site - %LOGGED_INFO(logged as,administration panel,logout)%. This macro is applicable for protected pages or pages with admin screen (as Blog, Calendar, etc) and will show username of the logged user along with logout link. The four parameters inside the () are labels. If needed you can translate them in another language. Check Page Protection for more info on page protection.
  • Administrator - Generates a link to the online administrator panel. Applicable if page has administrator panel (as Blog, Shop, Calendar, etc).
  • Editable Area - Creates an editable area. You can add editable area in any page. This area allows you to add content online (similar to the Editable page).