The Online editable page provides a blank page that can be edited (similar to working in EDIT MODE within EZGenerator) but online with the live WYSIWYG editor, rather than on your PC in EZGenerator.

To add online editable page to your site:
  1. Go to the Editing Tools.
  2. Press Live (Php) button in Insert page section and select Editable page.
  3. Set any other options you want and press OK.
You can preview this page only when uploaded on a PHP enabled server. To test this functionality offline you can Install your own test server on your PC.


Access to Edit mode is username & password protected and can be accessed through the administrator link (you can insert it on the page from a Macros Field) or directly through the Online Administrator panel.

Edit the page using your administrator account or with any other user account created in the Online Administrator panel.

By default, whole page is editable, but it can also be divided into several editable sections by adding editable areas from Macros Fields.

If you want to place administrator link on another page, insert hyperlink with Link Type: internal, navigate to your editable page and select enable/disable link.


This page can use either MySQL or flat files database (depending on the MySQL switch in MySQL Settings). Data will be stored in a MySQL database or on the web server in flat files in ezg_data/ folder.

Editable Page Settings

The following properties are available in the Editable Page Settings panel.

  • User-Dependent Content (check box)- Check this box to enable user-dependent content. With this option you can define different content for the different users in a single page.

    This option is applicable if you have protected the online editable page and have created few user accounts that can access it. When you login as administrator, you can define different content for each user. Then when certain user logs in, he will be able to see only content that was set for him.

  • Editor Multibox Effect (check box) - Check this box if you want to apply Multibox effect when editing content in edit mode.

Accessible Macros/Fields

Each page has Macros/Fields panel, accessed via Toolbar. This panel contains objects that you can insert on page.

  • Editable Area - Generates editable area objects. You can use use this objects to divide page into editable sections. Each editable section is edited separately. If there are no editable area objects on page, whole page is one single editable  area. Double-click on editable area placeholder to set options:
    - Editable By Admin Only: used when User-Dependent Content option is enabled --> only admin can edit this section
    - Single Line:  when enabled, editable area is edited with simple edit (input) instead of Full Editor
    - Global: when enabled, same editable area content can be shared between multiple editable pages. 
      To use global option, add global editable areas (with same name) on different editable pages.
      Global content can also be displayed on non-editable pages via javascript: 
    <script type="text/javascript" src="members/user1.php?action=content&tag=footer"></script>
    remark: if you enable this option for existing aera (with content), please re-save area content (log in, edit area and save)
  • Nopagefooter - Generates NOPAGEFOOTER macros, which disables footer on current page.
  • Logged info - Adds logged info macro in your site - %LOGGED_INFO%. This macro is applicable for protected pages or pages with admin screen (as Online Editable Page, Calendar, etc) and will show username of the logged user along with link to user profile's page and logout link. Check Page Protection for more info on page protection.
  • Administrator link - Adds an administrator link to access edit mode.
  • Users - Adds a drop-down menu with available users, in case you have checked User-Dependent Content.
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