With the release of iPhone, Android and other mobile devices, it is very important to consider a mobile version of your web pages, as the normal page content will look different on mobile devices and will not be user-friendly. The process of creating mobile pages is automatic and handled by EZGenerator.

First, deciding why someone will be browsing your site from a mobile device. For example, some users would like to find out where your office is located, a contact number or latest posts in your blog. So, it is not needed to include all page content in the mobile version of the page. Put only the most important parts.

It is IMPORTANT to remember that Flash does not work on most mobile browsers. So try to avoid flash content in the mobile version of your pages.

How to set mobile version of certain page:
  1. Open the Page Settings panel and press Mobile page button.
  2. Select the Detect all small screen devices option in the second drop-down menu (if you want to detect all small screen devices) OR Detect only iphone/ipad option (if you want to detect only iphone/ipad).
  3. Select the Use mobile page on mobile menu option in the first drop-down menu (if you want to set special content for mobiles).
  4. Type the mobile contentin the content area. You can copy and paste content from the original page. Keep the mobile version simple.

    The special pages as Blog, Calendar, Shop, etc have more complex content. You don't need to copy and paste all content in the mobile version.

    For example, for blog in most cases you need to copy and paste here only the BLOG_OBJECT macro:



    %date[dddd, mmmm d, yyyy]%



When accessed from a mobile device , the mobile version of page will have top bar with home icon (see image below).


When you click on this icon mobile menu will open (EZGenerator automatically creates mobile version of your menus in a special mobile menu page). Here is how the mobile menu will appear:



To change mobile menu style, go to Project Template, click on Template Editor arrow and select Mobile Pages.

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