EZGenerator comes with several widgets. Widgets are a general category for a range of different webpage-features in EZGenerator. Generally they are predefined tools that display or can be used on the website.

To access widgets menu:
  1. Position the text cursor | to the place where you want to insert the widget.
  2. Click the Editing Tools tab.
  3. Click the Widgets button to display the options.
  4. Click on the widget to insert it.
  5. Adjust the form settings (see below) and press OK. You can change the settings later by double-clicking the widget icon while in EDIT mode.


  • Flash Object - Flash is an animated/interactive format for adding multimedia to your site.
  • YouTube Video - Opens YouTube Video dialog where you can add a YouTube video player. Simply type or paste in the YouTube video link and set the player size.
  • Audio/Video - Adds an audio/video player depending on the file-type selected.
  • Embed Media - Embed other media types.
  • BannerMaker - Open BannerMaker dialog where you can create flash banners.
  • RSS parser - RSS is a news/information feed format. You can intercept an RSS feed and display on your page with the RSS parser.
  • Sitemap - Shows an overview of the website.
  • Inline Frame - An inline frame is used to embed another web page to appear in its own frame on the page.
  • Social Bookmarks - Add Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo etc bookmarks. These allow you to tag and organize pages and share them with members of the social media site used.
  • Forms - Forums are data entry screens used to capture information from visitors such as mailing-list requests, email information e.t.c.
  • Google Maps - Add a map to the page. Useful for businesses and locating events.
  • Google AdSense - Place Google Adds on your page and make millions!...well, not unless your website becomes more popular than Facebook.
  • Marquee - Scrolling text banners used to provide eye-catching information. Use sparingly, we all know how annoying moving stuff on a web-page can be.
  • Roll-Over - Opens Insert Rollover Image pop-up window. The roll-over effect shows a second image when the mouse is moved over the image. Useful for animating buttons e.t.c. Click the Browse button to select the main image. Then click the Roll-Over button to select the rollover image. For each image you can set Name and URL, in case you want to link the image to another page (otherwise you can leave this box empty). Change the Image Properties any time later by double-clicking the image.
  • Poll - Ask questions and collect responses. Voting e.t.c.
  • Randomizer - Randomize content to show in the randomizer. Keep your site interesting and always changing. Useful for showing special offer e.t.c.
  • Font Image - Create high quality icon/images using symbols and characters found in the fonts installed on your system
  • Hidden Div - Hides content until the appropriate part of the page is pressed.
  • Drop Down - Create a drop-down menu.
  • Facebook - This widget will add Facebook 'Like It' plug-in the page.