The Tell a Friend form sends an email messages to users friends, making recommendation for your web site. The form contains fields such as your (visitor) name, your email, recipient email and message. All of them are required for the forum to be successfully sent:

You can check who has used the 'Tell a friend' form from Administration panel.


The Page URL (address) along with a default message can be sent to the recipient. The options are:

  • Success Message (edit box) - Sets the message that will be displayed to user after he successfully submits the form.
  • From (edit box) -The email address the form is sent from. Use e-mail address with same domain name as your server, for example:
  • Subject (edit box) - The subject for the email that will be sent to the friend.
  • Hidden message (edit box) - Additional text appended to the email sent, not to be viewed or edited by sender. This can be used if you want to specify that it is not your site that sends the message, for example.

NOTE: Don't forget to test the form yourself after adding it to your page!