With POLL widget you can insert Javascript POLL on your page. The widget is not displayed in EDIT mode. Switch to BROWSE mode or make an offline preview to see the widget in context.

poll example

To insert a POLL widget:
  1. Position the cursor | where you want to insert the widget.
  2. Go to Editing Tools.
  3. Click Widgets button and select Poll.
  4. Adjust the form settings (see below) and press OK. You can change the settings later by double-clicking the widget icon while in EDIT mode.
To see and test how your POLL works it must be viewed live from a PHP enabled server. You can Install your own test server for that purpose.


Double-click the widget preview icon to open the settings window:

poll dialog

Poll Items

To add items to the poll place each option question on a new line.

TIP: See Questionnaire construction at Wikipedia for more information on making good polls. Generally, spend some time thinking about how you will use the data to make decisions BEFORE collecting any. This will help you include the right poll options and questions. To create a questionnaire ask a question and follow it by the poll widget with the multiple choice options. Make sure you confine each question to a single concept or idea, otherwise you can't be sure what people are responding to. For example. BAD: Do you like big sweet apples with the leaves still attached?. This would be better broken down into three questions. GOOD: 1. Do you like large apples? (Poll options: YES, NO). 2. Do you like sweet apples (Poll options: YES, NO). 3. Do you like the leaves still attached to your apples? (Poll options: YES, NO). You can even use forms to collect text data.

Poll Preview

Preview the design elements of the poll. Note the actual text does not preview, only fonts, color etc.


  • Container (tab) - You can customize Poll Container color scheme here.
  • Custom Colors (check box) - Customize the default color scheme, use the color pickers below to set color for Text, Hover, Header Text, Background, Border and Header.
  • Width (edit box) - Set the width for poll widget.


Each poll skin has several captions that you can translate/edit.


If you want to load predefined settings or save current settings and use them later for another object, use the Presets option (at the top left corner). For more information see Presets.