The Randomizer widget inserts randomly selected content, from a pool you select, into your web page. This can be useful for daily quotes, helpful hints, images or any other type of information. The widget is not displayed in EDIT mode. Switch to BROWSE mode or make an offline preview to see the widget in context. While in EDIT mode you will see this icon:

To insert a Randomizer widget:
  1. Position the cursor | where you want to insert the widget.
  2. Go to Editing Tools.
  3. Press Widgets button and select Randomizer.
  4. You will be prompted to type first entry name. When ready press OK and you will be redirected to Randomizer window where you can add entry content and insert more entries.


Double-click the widget preview icon to open its settings window:

Each piece of content is called Entry. Each entry has name and content. Entries are randomly selected to be displayed. Once you have created multiple entries, each time the page is visited, a random entry will be displayed or entries will be looped (depending on settings).

Use the Add button to add new entries and the Delete button to delete the selected entry.

To edit certain entry, make sure to select it in theEntry Menu.

The Randomizer settings contains three tabs. In Content tab add and edit entry content. In Preview tab you check how entry will look.

In Settings tab you have the following options:

  • If Multiple Entries (drop-down menu) - Show a random entry or loop through all entries.
  • Delay (drop-down menu) - Choose the delay time when looping through entries.