The Font-Image Generator creates antialiased glyphs (imaged) using symbols and characters found in the available fonts installed on your system. You can apply soft or hard shadow to the text.

To insert a Font-Image:
  1. Position the text marker where you want to insert the Font-Image.
  2. Go to Editing Tools.
  3. Press Widgets button and select Font-Image.



  • Font (drop-down menu box) - Select the font used to generate the image.
  • Font Size (drop-down menu box) - Select the font size used to generate the image.
  • B/I/U (tooglebuttons) - Define the font style used to generate the image (Bold, Italic and Underlined, respectively).
  • Color (button and preview boxgroup) - Select a different color for the text.
  • Background (button and preview boxgroup) - Select background color, or use Transaparent checkbox if you want to apply transparency.
  • Shadow (check box) - A shadow effect will be applied to the text.
  • Shadow Color (button and preview box) - Select the color of the shadow effect.
  • Shadow Blur (checkbox) - Shadow is blurred (soft).
  • Reflection (check box) - Active only when background transparency is applied. Check it if you want to apply reflection effect to the font-image.

Pick Symbols

Browse the symbols and characters for the selected font. The symbol you select will show in the Selected Textarea below.

Selected Text

Type your text in this area.


Shows the result font-image with the effects applied.


If you want to load predefined settings or save current settings and use them later for another object, use the Presets option (at the top left corner). For more information see Presets.

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