Use the Drop Downto create a drop-down menus with links. Define a value and URL for each drop-down link. The widget is not displayed in EDIT mode. Switch to BROWSE mode or make an offline preview to see the widget in context. While in EDIT mode you will see this icon:

To insert a Drop Down widget:
  1. Position the cursor | where you want to insert the widget.
  2. Go to Editing Tools.
  3. Press the Widgets button and select Drop Down.
  4. Adjust the form settings (see below) and press OK. You can change the settings later by double-clicking the widget icon while in EDIT mode.

Widget Settings

Double-click the widget preview icon to open the settings:

Drop-Down Items

Define the drop-down links. You can insert and delete items at any time later.

  • Value - The text that is displayed in the drop-down menu.
  • URL - The web-link address. When you click in this field a drop-down menu arrow will appear on the right side, click it to select from a number of link types. Selecting 'picture' for example, will open a file browser so you can select an image to link.

Dropdown Size

Set to a value >1 and the dropdown will change to a scrollable box showing that number of link items.

Use Template Style

Select to apply the template style to the drop-down. Otherwise, the standard HTML style will be used.


Sets font, font size and color for link captions.


Sets the link target type. The default, empty link, opens the link in the same frame (browser window) as does _self, _top opens the link in the parent frame (window), _blank opens the link in a new window, _parent opens the link in the parent window, usually this is equivalent to '_top'. _popup open the link in a popup window. See Popup Properties for setting the size e.t.c.


To load predefined settings or save current settings and use them later in another object, use the Presets option (at the top left corner). For more information see Presets.