Turn any text in your web page into a hyperlink. You can set an internal link to a page or a bookmark inside your site, or include e-mail links, links to a pictures, external pages or files.

To convert text to a hyperlink:
  1. Select the text you want to convert to a hyperlink.
  2. Click the Hyperlink button () on the Toolbar.
  3. use the Insert Hyperlink dialog to set a link.
To change the hyperlink color, go to Editing Tools toolbar and change color directly, or go to Manage Text Styles and edit Hyperlink Color for the style being used for the selected text.


url settings

To open the properties window, position the cursor inside a hyperlink and double-click. You can also position the cursor in a hyperlink and click the Hyperlink () button on the Editing Tools toolbar.


This section displays the text representing the hyperlink.


For detailed information on each property in this section check Url Properties.