These properties are available from the Hyperlinks dialog and Image Properties dialogs.


Link Type (drop-down menu)

Set the link type, select from:

  • Url used to insert a link to specific url (link address).
  • Internal Page displays the EZGenerator site structure. Double-click a page to select it. You can also select page bookmarks here (when page contains bookmarks, they are displayed as extra subpages)
  • Mail To link opens the visitor's e-mail client, with the e-mail address you specify here. You can also pass the subject and the body of the message, following this format -
  • Picture - Link to an external picture. The picture will be automatically copied in the site structure.
  • External File - Link to an external file. The file you select will be automatically copied in the site.
  • Mapquest link - Link a Mapquest map. Fill in the form containing the address, city, state, zip, country, zoom to select the map you want the link to point at.
  • File Download - Allows you to make downloadable link. The file you select will be automatically copied in the site structure. When the visitor clicks this link, the file will be available for download. This feature requires .php enabled server.
  • History:back - Takes you back to the previously opened page.
  • Window:close - Close the current window.
  • Javascript:void - Used when you don't have a url but need to show some events (see below).
  • Add to favorites - Add to favorites browser popup, where you can define a specific url as favorite.
  • Print page - Prints the current page.
  • This page url - Link to the current page.
  • Translate link - Insert link to AltaVista or Google translation services. When user clicks on this link the current page will be translated into the selected language.
  • Online Administration - Links to Online Administration panel.

URL (edit box)

Contains the link URL (address).

Url Events (button)

Allows advanced users to insert custom scripts and HTML properties.

Tooltip (button)

Display a floating hint box while the visitors hold their mouse over the link. For more information, see Tooltip.

Target (drop-down menu)

Sets the target frame of the page. The default option (if blank) opens the page in its designated frame inside the site.

  • Whole Page - the new page replaces the navigation menu and other frames in the site, so only the page alone is visible in the browser (this setting is suitable when linking to an external site).
  • New Window - opens the page in a new browser window.
  • POPUP - create a customizable popup window, for more information, see Popup Properties.
  • Same Frame - opens the page in a designated frame (window) inside the site.
  • Multibox - opens the page with a Multibox effect.
  • Slide Container - is used with picture slideshows only.

Title (edit box)

Sets hint text to be displayed while the visitors hold their mouse over the link. This hint will be enabled only if you haven't set hint box (see above).

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