The EZGenerator Tooltip feature allows you display custom messages in a floating box when the visitor moves their mouse cursor over a hyperlink or image.


  • Tooltip Preview/Edit - Preview the tooltip box and enter the caption and message.
  • Style (drop-down menu) - Choose the style for the tooltip box. To add more styles go to Manage Tooltip Styles option on the Editing Tools tab.
  • Image (image picker) - Insert an image inside the tooltip box.
  • Clear (button) - Turn the Tooltip off for the hyperlink/image being edited. The Tooltip button becomes gray to indicate the Tooltip is turned off.
  • Save (button) - Save the current settings and enable the Tooltip for the hyperlink/image. The Tooltip button becomes red to indicate the Tooltip box feature is activated.
  • Cancel (button) - Cancel the changes and close the Tooltip box.
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