popup propertiesThis window is associated with the POPUP PROPERTIES button in text or image link Properties window (if 'popup' is set as a link target).

Title (text box)

Enter the name to be displayed in the title bar of the popup window. This option is enabled only if you link to a picture.


  • TOP (number box) - Sets the vertical position of the popup window (relative to the top side of the window)
  • LEFT (number box) - Sets the horizontal position of the window (relative to the left side of the window).
  • HEIGHT (number box) - Sets the window height (in pixels).
  • WIDTH (number box) - Sets the window width (in pixels).


  • Toolbar (check box) - Dsplays the browser toolbar in the popup window (Back, Next, Refresh buttons etc.).
  • Resizable (check box) - Allows the user to resize the popup window.
  • Location (check box) - Displays the location bar in the popup window (displaying the page URL).
  • Status (check box) - Displays the status bar (usually) at the bottom of the popup window.
  • Menu (check box) - Displays the browser's main menu in the popup window (File, Edit menus etc.).
  • Scrollbars (check box) - Allows the browser to display scrollbars in the popup window if the content doesn't fit the window area.
  • Close After (check box) - The popup window closes automatically after the specified time (see Seconds below). This option is available only if you link to a picture.
  • Seconds (number box) - Specifies the number of seconds before the popup window is closed (if the Close After check box is checked). This option is available only if you link to a picture.