Styles are a away of creating font & formatting combinations that you can apply to blocks of text, when you use a style the advantage is that you can make single point changes to the style and the whole website (where that style is used) will be updated.

The 'Font Styles' window lists all font styles divided into two sections - Template styles and Custom styles. If you want to edit a style, click the small Edit link on the right. To add new style, click Add new style link under Custom Styles section.

Edit styles


  • Style Name (drop-down menu box) - Shows the style you are working on.
  • Font & Size (drop-down menu boxes) - Set font and font size for the style. You can select one from the 10 standard safe font groups, ensuring correct appearance for all browsers and platforms.
  • Line Height (edit box) - Line height in %.
  • Letter Spacing (edit box) - Space between letters in px (pixels).
  • Font Variant (drop-down menu) - Select the small-caps option where you need fixed small-caps text.

Normal Text

  • Color (color picker) - Text color.
  • Background (color picker) - Background color.
  • Decoration (drop-down menu) - Text 'decoration' e.g. none, underline or line-through.


  • Color (color picker) - Hyperlink color.
  • Background (color picker) - Hyperlink background color.
  • Decoration (drop-down menu) - Hyperlink decoration - none, underline, dotted,overline or line-through. You can also set color for this additional formatting.
  • Decoration Color (color picker) - Decoration color.
  • Visited Color (color picker) - Hyperlink color after it has been visited (visited link).

Hyperlink (Hover)

  • Color (color picker) - Hyperlink color on mouse-over (pointer hover).
  • Background (color picker) - Hyperlink background color on mouse-over (pointer hover).
  • Decoration (drop-down menu) - Decoration for the hyperlink on hover - none, underline, dotted,overline or line-through.
  • Decoration Color (color picker) - Decoration color for the hyperlink on hover.
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