Tooltips are pop-up text you see when you hover your mouse over items with tooltips. Options are divided into two sections - Template styles and Custom styles. To edit a style click the small Edit link on the right of the style preview. To add new style, click Add new style link under Custom Styles section.





Edit Tooltip Styles


  • Style Name (drop-down menu box) - The style you are working on.

The Tooltip box consists of few elements: main - The pop-up box that holds all other elements, top - the title, title - the title element, text - the tool-tip text, bottom - the bottom box.

Settings are similar for all:


Sets background for the tooltip box. For more information see Background Properties.


  • Font & Size (drop-down menu boxes) - Font size. Select one from the 10 standard safe font groups, ensuring correct display on all browsers and platforms.
  • Color (color picker) - Font color used for the style.
  • B/I (toogle buttons) - Bold and Italic toogle buttons.
  • Letter Spacing (edit box) - Space between letters in px (pixels).
  • Font Variant (drop-down menu) - Select small-caps option, to fix text in small-caps.


Padding (space) around text in the tooltip box. For more information see Padding Properties.


Paragraph margins. For more information see Margins Properties.


Borders for the tooltip box. For more information see Border Properties.

Border Radius

The border-radius to create rounded corners on the tooltip box. For more information see Border Radius.

Box Shadow

Box-shadow has both outer and inner shadow effects on the tooltip box. Specify color, size, blur and offset. For more information see Box Shadow.


  • Height (edit box) - Height for the box in px (pixels).
  • Width (edit box) - Width of the box in px(pixels).