Creating image-based buttons is simple with EZGenerator - you don't need to make graphics for each button or use third party products - just select a caption and EZGenerator will generate the button together with all required effects (shadow, glow, 3D level), so it matches the Web Template design you have selected.


To create a button:
  1. Position the marker where you want to insert the button.
  2. Click the button icon ()on the Editing Tools toolbar.
  3. Select Template Button, if you want to insert button with template design.


    Select Button Factory, if you want to make your own design for the button.


    Select one of your own presets listed (if any). In the screenshot above there is one custom preset - "mine_button".

Convert Text to Button:
  1. Select a text in the web page that you want to be the caption of a button.
  2. Right-click and select Text-To Button from the menu.
  3. The text is replaced by a button with the required caption.

Button Properties

You can also adjust the properties of existing buttons. To open the properties window, double-click a button, or select a button, right-click and from the menu that appears, select Image Properties. Since buttons are a special case of images, they have the same properties. For more information, see Working with Images.

Button Factory

Use the Button Factory to change button designs. You can access the Button factory from the Toolbar, or from the Editor Right-click menu.


To load predefined settings or save current settings and use them later for another button, use the Presets option (at the top left corner). For more information see Presets.

Button text

  • Button Text (text box) - Sets the button caption.

Button Sign

  • Sign (check box) - Check this box to insert one of the sign images listed on the right, and click on certain sign to select it. You can change its position on the button with drag-and-drop in the Result area below.

Button Preview

This section displays a preview of the resulting button according to the settings. Drag the black arrows to adjust the caption position as it will appear on the button. NOTE: If you don't see a red arrow, resize the window so it fits in the view. Use the Colors drop-down menu to set bit depth (number of colors used for the image) for the button image. For example, at 8-bit color depth, the maximum number of colors is 256.


Set the layout for your button. Either set your button with template layout, or you can use one of the predefined layouts.

  • Template (option box) - If you want to keep template layout, check this button, and set the template and version that you want to use (you can use template different than the current one). The template must be downloaded and available in EZGenerator. Use Refresh List button to refresh templates list. Use Type button to select the button type from several available types for each template.
  • Layouts (option box) - If you prefer to use one of the predefined button layouts, check this button and select it.


  • Font (drop-down menu) - Select the appropriate font and size for the button caption.
  • Font Color (color picker) - Pick a font color.
  • B / I (toogle buttons) - Use these buttons to set the button caption in bold or italic.
  • AntiAlias (check box) - Enable/Disable anti-aliasing (text font smoothing).
  • Rollover (check box) - Sets a rollover effect for the button. Use the color picker box on the right to set font color for the rollover effect.
  • Multi-line (drop-down menu) - Set a multi-line caption for the button.
  • Text Align (drop-down menu) - Set the alignment for the button caption.
  • Fixed Width (edit box) - Set a fixed width for the button.