Blocks are tables that contain image-based title bars and outer borders. The images are automatically generated by EZGenerator according to the Web Template selected for the site.

To create a block:
  1. Position the text cursor where you want the framed table created.
  2. Click the Blocks button () on the Editing Tools toolbar.
  3. Select the type of block and click on it to insert it in page.


    Select one of your own presets listed (if saved), the screenshot above has one custom preset - "mine".

  4. The block will be inserted and Table Properties dialog will open.

Easily turn a table into a framed table and vice-versa using the Add Block Effect to Table option in Table Properties dialog.

To use a block table style from a template other than the selected one, use Manage blocks option to open Table Blocks Presets window, where you can design your own Blocks Type and save it as a preset. All custom presets will be included in the Type drop-down menu.

To add new block preset:
  1. Click the Blocks button () on the Editing Tools toolbar.
  2. Select Manage Table Blocks.
  3. A Table Blocks Presets window will open.
  4. Select a template and block type and save it as a preset.