You can insert almost any picture format in your web page with the Insert Pictures option and retouch, scale, crop and apply a wide range of filter effects using the built-in Image Edit Wizard. You can also drag and drop images from Windows Explorer, Internet Explorer, e.t.c.

To insert a picture:
  1. Position the cursor | at the location where you want to insert the image.
  2. Click the Insert Picture button () on the Editing Tools toolbar.
  3. A submenu will give you three options: Insert Pictures (add standalone pictures), Thumbnails/Popups (add images as thumbnails, when a thumbnail is clicked the full image will open as a popup) and Original (will add original image without scaling). If you have created custom image presets, they will be also listed here and you can easily select one for newly added image.
  4. After selecting a mode, the Insert Pictures Dialog will open and you can add your images.

After inserting an image, adjust its properties using the window. You can also replace the image with new one. To open the Image Properties double-click an image, or select an image, right-click and select Image Properties from the pop-up menu.