Insert pictures as slideshow, also retouch, scale, crop and apply a wide range of filter effects to the pictures using the built-in Image Edit Wizard.

You can also drag and drop images from Windows Explorer, Internet Explorer, e.t.c.

To insert a slideshow:
  1. Position the cursor | at the location where you want to insert the image.
  2. Click the Insert Slideshow button () on the Editing Tools toolbar.
  3. A submenu with slideshow types will appear.

    If you have created custom slideshow presets, they will be also listed here. In the screenshot above there is one custom preset - "mine".

  4. Select the slideshow option you prefer.
  5. The Insert Pictures Dialog will open and you can select the images and set the slideshow settings.

Slideshow types

Slideshows include:

  • Slideshow I (Javascript) - An inline slideshow without thumbnails but includes back, next & autoplay button controls. Keep Auto Run checked, if you want the slideshow to start automatically. Check the Advanced box, if you want to force advanced slideshow without controls and with special effects (fade, pan, zoom, etc).
  • Slideshow II (Javascript) - An inline slideshow with thumbnails (small preview images). The slideshow can be activated by using the built-in controls or by clicking the thumbnails. The thumbnails can be ordered in a table, image container or scrolling table (check the Settings on the right). Keep Auto Run checked, if you want the slideshow to start automatically. Check Create new Slideshow box, if you are creating new slideshow. Otherwise, selected images will be added to the existing slideshow on page. Keep Include Slideshow Controls checked, if you want the button controls included in the slideshow.
  • Multibox - Similar to Slideshow II, except it uses the external Multibox Library.
  • EmageView - A special Flash Gallery mode. The Flash Gallery behaves as a standard flash and its properties are controlled by the Flash Properties. You can adjust parameters in the Flash Properties. Check parameters list at EmageView parameters.
  • Repositionable - Inserts images in a special Flash Image Slider. Once inserted, the Flash Gallery behaves as a standard Flash Object and its properties are controlled by Flash Properties. To define captions for the two buttons in the Image Slider, append the following parameters in Flash Properties Parameters box: &fscap=Fullscreen&arcap=Arrange
  • Zoom and Pan - A special Zoom and Pan slideshow.

Slideshow type II and IV also allow you to add extra images to existing slideshow. Go to the Insert Pictures Dialog, and select the new images, set same type of slideshow, disable create new checkbox and press OK button. The selected images will be added to the first slideshow of same type on current page. Note: this is not possible for Slideshow type I and III.


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