Apply frame and shadow effects to your images.

Presets (drop-down menu) - A list of predefined effect presets. You can choose one or create your own preset.

Use the Save as Preset button to save your preset and later you can use it.

Preview area (preview box) - Use the Preview area see how the image will look like if changes are applied.

Click the Refresh button after making changes to settings.

FRAME Effect

Check Add Frame checkbox and set the frame properties:


  • Width (number selection box) - Frame width in pixels.
  • Color (button and preview box) - Use the button to open the Color selector.
  • Frame / Faded Frame (radio buttons) - Choose between normal Frame and Faded Frame. If you select normal Frame, you can also define second and third frame effect - set width and color respectively. You can also control the Opacity percent, using the slidebar.
  • Apply effects to both thumbnail and drop-down menu (check box) - Effects will be applied to both thumbnail and popup (if applicable).


Check Add Shadow checkbox and set the shadow properties to apply a Shadow effect to your image:


  • Width (number selection box) - Shadow width in pixels.
  • Bg Color (button and preview box) - Open the Color selector and set background color for the shadow.
  • Opacity (slidebar) - Shadow opacity in percent.
  • Offset (slidebar) - Shadow offset in pixels.