You can adjust the properties of existing images at any time.

To open the properties window, double-click an image, or select an image, right-click and from the menu that appears, select Image Properties.



  • Replace Image (button) - Opens the Insert Pictures Dialog to replace the image with new one.
  • Restore Size (button) - Restores the image size, if it has been changed in EZGenerator Edit mode. Note, that when you change the image size it will only change its html display size attributes, and not the actual image size.
  • Size Lock (check box) - Locks the image resizing.
  • Source (text box) - This text box shows the image source URL (picture file location). It can not be modified manually (for your information only).
  • Name (text box) - Sets the image name inside HTML.
  • Id (text box) - Sets the image id - unique name for the image, used in scripting.
  • Title (text box) - Sets the image title - the normal hint text to be displayed when visitors hold their mouse over the image.
  • Alt (text box) - This text will be displayed while the image is loading. It also acts as a replacement for the image in text-only browsers.
  • Effect (drop-down menu box) - Apply a set of special effects to your images. Make Image Draggable allows the user to drag the image in the page (the effect is available only for IE browsers); Blend Image creates a fade in / fade out effect when the visitor moves their pointer over the image; Rollover Image a different image is displayed when the visitor moves their pointer over the image; Alert allows you to display an alert box with a custom text message when the visitor clicks the image; Blend Hover adds blend hover effect on image that is set as url - when user move mouse over this image, the image will blend in with the page background; EXPERTS ONLY! Custom Effects displays the EVENTS buttons. Click an EVENTS button to enter custom script and HTML properties. This is an experts only feature. Unless you are proficient in HTML coding it is highly recommended not to use Custom Effects, as it may cause your web page to display improperly.
  • MAP (button) - Allows you to set the image as map image. EXPERTS ONLY!


Sets margins for the image. For more information see Margins Properties.


Sets borders for the image. For more information see Border Properties.

Border Radius

The border-radius property allows you to create rounded corners on the image. For more information see Border Radius.


  • Left / Right / None (buttons) - Set the horizontal position of the image compared to other objects (namely, the object before and after the object). If you select Left, text or other objects following image will flow around it to the right. If you select Right, text or other object preceding image will flow around it to the left. With None other objects will go on next line.
  • Vertical Alignment (drop-down menu box) - Vertical alignment of the text/object following the image. Left and Right allows the text to wrap around the image. Top, Middle and Bottom align the text respectively with the top, middle and bottom of the image. Baseline sets the text baseline at the bottom of the image. TextTop, Absmiddle and Absbotom are similar to Top, Middle and Bottom, but are not supported by all browsers. Center is similar to Middle, but is not supported by all browsers. The Default alignment is Baseline.


This section allows you to set up the image to act like a hyperlink. For detailed information on each property in this section check Url Properties.