The Editable area option is used to insert extra content into template. Some templates have one or more editable areas which can be useful for daily quotes, helpful hints, images, login or subscribe form or any other type of information. If you don't want to use editable areas, simply leave them empty.

The Offline Preview is not available because Editable Area system uses PHP (if current page has .php extension) or JavaScript and PHP (if current page has .html extension) so you will need to view the page live on your web server.

Recognize the editable areas by the small EDIT icon displayed on the Main Screen:

Click the EDIT preview icon to open the Template Area Entries Editor. When you open it for the first time, you will be prompted to type the first entry name. After that you will be redirected to the editor (see the screenshot below).

The dialog contains four tabs. In Content tab you add and edit entry content. In Preview tab you check how entry will look like. In Settings tab you have few settings. In Link Schema tab you link entries to menu items.


Each piece of content is called an Entry. Each entry has a name and content. To add/edit content for an entry, select it in the Entry drop-down menu. Define a single entry to use the same content on all pages. Define multiple entries to show random content each time page is visited or to loop the entries.

Use the Add button to add new entry and Delete button to delete selected entry. To edit an entry, make sure to select it in the Entry Menu.


First setting defined how to handle multiple entries: to show random entry or to loop through all entries. Second setting defines delay time when changing between entries.

Link Schema

To create content related to a specific Menu item, select the entry, then go to Link Schema tab, select the item from the Linked To menu drop-down menu and press OK button. To unlink an entry, select the entry, then press the Unlink button.

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