Background Generator dialog can be accessed from any dialog with background settings - Table Properties, Editable Images,Template background or Page Background, allowing you to design your own custom background, using few predefined patterns.


  • Pattern (selector) - Select a pattern to use as the background. Tip: the first pattern is empty. Use this to create transparant backgrounds or gradients.
  • Tile Size (buttons) - Use the (+) and (-) buttons to change the size of the pattern image. You can also press the 'Default' button to show original image size and then directly chage its height and width.
  • Repeat Tile (drop-down menu) - Use this drop-down menu to force a repetition of the pattern image.
  • Repeat (number selector) - If you have forced Repeat Tile, set the number of times the pattern should be repeated.

Background Size

Use the Width and Height edit boxes to set the dimension of the backround.


Sets a transparency effect to the background.


Apply an overlay effect to the background pattern and choose between overlay colors and overlay gradients.

If you check overlay color use the color picker to set the color.

If you check overlay gradient set the gradient effects as explained below.

Use Start/Mid/End Color to set colors for this effect. A gradient requires a minimum two colors to be set.

Use Gradient Direction to set a gradient effect and orientation - Left2Right (from left to right) or Top2Bottom (from top to bottom).

To load predefined settings or save current settings to use them later, use the Presets option (at the top left corner). For more information see Presets.