The Flash Properties window is available for every flash object in your pages. The window will have some extra settings for EmageView slideshow and for the Flash Player.

To access Flash Properties window:
  1. Double-click on a Flash object.


  • Src (text box) - Displays the Flash object source file name (read only field).
  • Wmode (transparency) (check box) - Toggles the Flash Transparent property on and off (this will only work if the flash object supports transparency).
  • Background (check box) - Sets background color for the flash in Windows and Opaque mode (this will only work if the flash object supports it).
  • Width (number box) - Sets the width of the object.
  • Height (number box) - Sets the height of the object. Use the drop-down menu on the right to define how both width and height are set - in % (percent) or pixels.
  • Scale (number box) - Works together with the dimension settings to determine how a flash object will be displayed in a browser. You can choose between default, noborder and exactfit.
  • Hide Menu (check box) - Hides flash menu (if available).
  • Loop (check box) - Toggles the flash Loop property on and off (this will only work with flash objects with loop support).
  • Allow Full Screen (check box) - Allows Full Screen mode for the flash object.
  • Parameters (text box)- Displays parameters already set. The flash objects can accept extra custom parameters in the form of a query string.

    For EmageView Flash Slideshow, check extra parameters list at EmageView parameters.

    For the Flash Player, check extra parameters list at Flash Players.

  • Noscript Html (text box)- Type here message for users with Javascript disabled.

    EmageView Slideshow and Flash Player have few extra flash properties.


  • Autoplay (check box) - Enables the slideshow autoplay option.
  • Edit Slideshow (button) - Opens Insert Picture dialog where you can edit the slideshow.
  • EmageView Audio - With this option you can insert audio in your slideshow. Use the Add button to select one or more MP3 files.

Flash Player

  • Autoplay (check box) - Enables the player autoplay option.
  • Edit Entries/Skin (button) - Opens Flash Player dialog where you can change skin or add/delete media files.