Use this window to Publish your web site, upload it to a webserver. You will need to have an account or login details for the web hosting service, to enter on this page.

NOTE: If you are looking for a web hosting service this does not need to be located in your country, the internet does not care where the sever is located, all that matters in the server is reliably connected to the internet and costs are reasonable. Expect to pay USD $40-100 a year for a quality hosting service, ask in the EZGenerator forums for suggestions.


  • Where to upload? (drop-down menu)- Set where you want to upload - to your server (FTP account) or temporarily to folder on PC (Upload to Folder). You can browse your website directly from your PC (only PHP pages will not work).

    Use the Change Account button if you want to change the upload settings. This button will open Upload Project Settings window.

  • Upload Options (drop-down menu)- Set what to upload on the server.

    Upload Changes Only - Only changed files will be uploaded to the server.

    Upload All - All project files will be uploaded to the server. This is only necessary when you change your upload account, or some files have not been properly uploaded.

    Upload All Files Except Media - All non-media files will be uploaded on your server. This will significantly speed up the upload process when you have not added any media files and are only making changes to page text and formatting.

  • Clean-up orphans (check box)- EZGenerator will remove all files that are not used in the PC version of the website (your project) from the online server.
    Be careful if you have used an FTP program to manually added files to your site structure that EZGenerator does not know about, these files will be erased.
  • Download PHP Data (check box)- (available only when MySQL is NOT switched ON) all PHP database files (files with .ezg.php extension) will be downloaded from the server and stored in c:/Program files/EZGenerator/Data/[project]/tempdoc/ folder. This is a good backup habit.
    PHP page types as Php Request form, Php Lister, Shop, Newsletter, Blog, Calendar, etc store data in files with .ezg.php extension. On each Upload you can download these files from server to your computer, using the Download Php data as explained above.
  • FTP Mirrors - If you use FTP mirrors, you will have one more setting - list of available mirrors for this project. If you want to exclude one of the mirrors from upload, simply uncheck it. On the Internet, a mirror site is an exact copy of another Internet site. Mirror sites are most commonly used to provide multiple sources of the same information, and are of particular value as a way of providing reliable access to large downloads. If this is new to you, you don't need to use FTP mirrors.
  • Files List (preview area) - Displays list of all files that will be uploaded. If you want to exclude some files from upload, uncheck them before clicking the Upload button.