The HTML code option allows you to insert pure HTML or other code anywhere in your page. This is a good way to use custom HTML features, even if EZGenerator doesn't produce this code natively. Be warned, however, that using faulty code may result in a malformed page. If use PHP format code, make sure to change page filename extension to .php in Page Settings panel.

The widget is not displayed in EDIT mode, switch to BROWSE mode or make an offline preview to see how it will actually look like. While in EDIT mode you will see this icon displayed in the Main Screen:

To insert HTML (or other) code:
  1. Position the cursor | where you want to insert the code.
  2. Go to Editing Tools toolbar.
  3. Press HTMLbutton to insert your own code.


    Select one of the predefined or custom presets. In the screenshot above there is one custom preset - "mine".

  4. Write/paste the HTML code in the Html text box (see below) and press OK (you can adjust the code later by double-clicking the code icon).

HTML Code Settings

Double-click the widget preview icon to open the settings window:

Preset (drop-down menu)

Select one of the predefined HTML code options - Google search, Google images search, Google search (inside site), Page last modified date and Current date. Selecting one of these will automatically generate the code in the HTML text box for you.

If you want to save your own code as a preset and use it later, press Save as Preset. For more information see Presets.

HTML (text box)

Enter your HTML in the text box as indicated above. EZGenerator will recognize code elements and color them for easy recognition.

Word Wrap (checkbox)

Check this box if you prefer word wrap for the HTML text box.

Not as Unicode (checkbox)

Uncheck this box if you paste or type unicode text. Unicode handles multiple language custom text characters.