Macros are small snippets of code that perform special functions. Each page has its own Macros/Fields panel - a quick and easy way to add Macros and special objects to your page by drag-and-drop. Some fields are common for all pages (such as Logged info, Editable area, etc), while other are specific to each page type. Find more info in the detailed explanation for each Page type.

For pages with MySQL database (as Shop, Blog, etc) there are some extra database fields, colored in black.

Most fields have a set of initializing properties, displayed at the bottom of the panel. Set the properties before you drag-and-drop the field on the page.

The initializing field properties vary depending on the Page type and the Field type selected in the panel.

Form Fields

Pages containing forms, such as Request/Newsletter, have form fields in the Macros/Fields panel.

  • Text field - Inserts a text field (place to enter free text).
  • Email field - Inserts an email field (place to enter an email).
  • List field - Inserts a list field. After you add the field, you double-click on it to access its Properties dialog where you have to set all list items. You can always add more items in the list.
  • Memo field - Inserts a large text box, called memo.
  • Checkbox field - Inserts a check box (user ticks an item).
  • Radio field - Inserts a radio field (series of mutually dependent buttons).
  • Image field - Inserts an image field.
  • File field - Inserts an upload file field, that can be used for uploading files.
  • Button field - Inserts a button field.
  • Date Picker field - Inserts a date picker field. You can choose language and date format. This field comes with a small calendar box where users can pick the date.
  • Date field - Inserts a date field. This field comes with 3 drop-down menus where users can choose day, month and year.
  • Time field - Inserts a time field. This field comes with 3 drop-down menus where users can choose hour and minutes.
  • Pwd field - Inserts a password field.
  • Hidden field- Inserts hidden field.

    When you insert form field you have to set few properties that are displayed at the bottom of the panel. All fields have Name and Value. Make sure to set both. Some fields also have a Required checkbox (check it if you want to set the field as required). This means the visitor must complete the field before the data can be sent.