Page Protection prevents unauthorized access to pages on your site. Users must identify themselves with a registered username & password. EZGenerator protects pages separately, site-wide protection is not possible.

Protection will work only when your site is uploaded on a PHP enabled server. To test this functionality offline you can Install your own test server on your PC.

Protection includes - protection of page and protection of admin panels. Pages such as Online Editable Page, Blog, Calendar, Newsletter, etc have an admin panel to manage content online. The admin panel is always protected.

You can log in any protected area with your Administration account or create new user accounts in the Administration panel.
How to protect a page:
  1. Go to a page, open its Page Settings tab on the Toolbar and click the Page protection button.
  2. Select Protected in Protection drop-down menu.


Once page is protected, users can only access it after they enter a registered username and password in a Login form.

User data is created manually from administrator in the Administration panel, or with the self-registration form (if Self-registration is enabled in your site).

How to create a user in the administration panel:
  1. Go to Administration panel and then Manage Users.
  2. Click the Add user button.
  3. Type a username, first and last name (optional), email (optional) and password.
  4. Define access. You have 3 options: view all - The user will have access to all protected pages in the site; edit all - The user will have access to all protected pages and also he will be able to edit all special pages (Blog, Calendar, etc); selected - Access is set on a per-page level; you can give access to one page and forbid access to another. Note that for protected pages you can set view, edit or no access, while for non-protected pages with admin panels, you can set edit or no access.
How to create user with self-registration:
  1. Check Self-registration.

Logged user info on a page

If you want to show the username of the logged user, along with logout and profile link on protected pages, insert Logged Info macro from Macros Fields panel on each page (try putting it in the header or footer).


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