The Login page allows you to access protected pages or when you need to login to on-line pages such as Blog, Calendar, Shop, etc. The default login:


Default login form is auto-generated by system. If you want to customize default login layout, you have 2 options:

a.) Add blank page with login form

How to add blank page with custom login form:
  1. Go to Editing Tools and add blank page.
  2. Open its Page Settings panel and check Hide in Menu.
  3. Go to Widgets and add a Login form.

You can add a login page for each language in your project.

b.) Enable the float login

float login

Float login is a login bar that is placed at the top of pages. It is hidden when you browse pages, and when you want to login you press the Login button.

To enable Float Login:
  1. Go to Project Template.
  2. Select Float Login style from the drop-down menu and then press the Apply button that will popup.