EZGenerator Self-Registration will work only when uploaded on a PHP enabled server. To test this functionality offline you can Install your own test server on your PC.

Self-Registration allows visitors to sign up and create an account for access protected areas on your site. Visitor are sent an e-mail asking them to confirm their registration. The Administrator will also receive email notification about each confirmed registration. You can also find the registration log in the Administration panel.

How to enable Self-Registration in your project:
  • Go to the Online Administration , Registration Settings
  • Check Enable Self-Registration box..
  • Type administrator email address in Admin email box. All self-registration notifications will be delivered at this address.
  • Set Access to Protected areas. Be careful! It is a risk to give users edit access. There are 3 options:
    • View ALL - The user will have access to all protected pages in the site.
    • Edit ALL - The user will have access to all protected pages and also he will be able to edit all special pages (Blog, Calendar, Shop, Online Editable pages, etc).
    • Selected - Set access on a per-page level; you can give access to one page and forbid access to another. Note that for protected pages you can set view, edit or no access, while for non-protected pages with admin panels, you can set edit or no access. For more information on protection, check Page Protection.
  • If you want to manually activate all self-registered users, check Self-registered users require activation from administrator. In this case registered users will be non-active until you activate them in the administration panel.
  • Set any other settings that you need here.
  • To set Terms of Use, you have two options:

    Use Notes box and type here terms of use.


    Create a normal page in EZGenerator and type Terms of Use statement here. Set the page Hidden in Menu. Go to Administration panel, Registration Settings and type page url in Terms of Use page url box.

Customizing of labels used in self-registration form

If you need to customize the labels used in self-registration form, go to Language Settings tab, press the Interface Labels button arrow and select Registration Labels.