The EZGenerator Counter will allow you to track numbers of visitors to your site by page. The Counter can be inserted in Footer page, or in any other page.

EZGenerator counter will work only when uploaded on a PHP enabled server. To test this functionality offline you can Install your own test server on your PC.

How EZGenerator Counter works

The Counter keeps records of each page viewed (hit). Records contain the following visitor information - date and time, IP (internet address), host, browser, operating system and screen resolution (if available). This information is described as detailed statistics in Administration panel (see below). The counter also keeps record of total Pageloads, Unique visitors, First time and Returning visitors (based on a cookie - file saved from the visitors browser):

  • Returning Visitors - A person is 'returning' if making a new visit after 1 hour or more away.
  • First Time Visitors - If a person has no cookie then they are considered to be first time visitors.
  • Unique Visitor - The total of the returning visitors and first time visitors (all your site visitors). A unique visitor is determined by cookie data. If someone visits your website and does not have a cookie, or his cookie is older than the maximum visit length they are counted as being a unique.
  • Pageload - this is the number of times your page has been visited (also known as hits). If someone visits your website and he has a cookie that is less than the maximum visit length, they are counted as a pageload. A pageload is simply the total number of times your page has been accessed, ignoring the unique visitor aspect. This means pageloads will always be greater than or equal to your unique visitors.
EZGenerator counter supports block-cookie for site administrator. Once you log in with your Online Administration account, block-cookie is set in the browser, so that administrator's visits will not be counted.

How to Insert counter

To insert a counter:

  • Go to your Footer page and enable it.
  • Go to the Toolbar, press Fields button and insert counter object.
  • The object has one visibility parameter - visible, hidden and visible on home page only. If set to visible, counter will be visible on all pages with footer. If set to hidden, counter will be invisible on all pages. If set to visible on home page only, counter will be visible on home page only.

Counter object is included only in the Footer Fields panel, but if you need to insert counter on any other specific page you can copy and paste it from the footer page.

How to Configure my counter

To configure your Counter, go to the Administration panel. Then go to counter settings screen. These settings are only available after at least one hit is detected by counter. Options are as explained below:

  • Display (options) - Select it to show unique visitors or pageloads to be displayed.
  • Number of digits (drop-down menu) - Sets how many digits you want your counter to contain (applicable for image counters only).
  • Maximum visit length (drop-down menu) - Used to calculate unique and returning visitors from their cookies. If this amount of time or more has elapsed since their last visit, then that visitor is considered unique.
  • Unique start offset (edit box) - Use this option to increase the total unique visitors number (to carry over visitor numbers from a previous counter for example).
  • Pageloads start offset (edit box) - Use this option if you need to increase total pageloads (to carry over page-loads from a previous counter for example).
  • Counter type (option box) - Choose between text and graphical counter types. If you select graphical, make sure to select formatting (use the buttons below).
  • Submit (button) - Use this button to save changes.

In case you need to start counting from zero, use Reset Counter link at the bottom of counter settings screen. Note, that resetting counter will permanently remove all counter statistics!

How to check Counter Statistics

To check your Counter Statistics, go to Administration panel. Then to the site map screen. In the Pageloads column you will see total pageloads for each page containing the counter. Use the Details link to check detailed record for each visitor.

At the bottom of the screen you can check total Pageloads, Unique Visitors, First time and Returning visitors (as explained above).